University regulations valid from Wednesday 1 September 2021

All the indications regarding teaching, research and other activities of Università Cattolica, as of Wednesday 1 September, are contained in the Rectoral Decree 7794 of 30 August 2021, which implements the regulations of the competent authorities regarding the prevention and protection of public health and safety. The indications are inspired by a twofold principle: on the one hand, the need for a return to in-presence activities, in regard to an idea of the university based on encounter and dialogue; on the other hand, the strengthening of those measures that ensure the safety and health of students, professors, lecturers, all employees and - through them - their families. 
We refer you to the full text of the Decree, while here is a summary of the main indications therein contained, in particular with regard to students' access to teaching activities and to the services dedicated to them.

Conditions of access

The main rules of conduct and the precautionary measures set out in the University protocols available in the Info Covid - 19 section remain confirmed. In addition, in order to protect public health and maintain adequate safety conditions, university students, in order to participate in teaching and curricular activities in presence, must possess and are required to display the COVID-19 green certificate. Compliance with this requirement is randomly checked by staff at the entrances to the premises or inside the buildings. The requirement does not apply to students and persons exempt from the vaccination campaign on the basis of appropriate medical certification issued according to the criteria defined in a circular by the Ministry of Health.
In order to access the University premises and buildings, it is also necessary to be in possession of a university badge (or, alternatively, a valid health insurance card or identity document). 
Services to the public (such as libraries, Student services centre, orientation and tutoring) are guaranteed in person, or remotely, by reservation according to the procedures available on the iCatt portal and on the iCatt app.

Teaching activities

Professors/lecturers will conduct their lectures from the university classrooms. Lectures and other face-to-face teaching activities will be delivered in presence and with simultaneous live streaming.
Students will have access to the lectures in presence on the basis of shifts, in order to respect the rules of distancing in force in the classrooms; the calendar and the timetable of the lectures, the modalities and the shifts of access will be made available on the iCatt portal and on the iCatt app, and adequately communicated. 
The possibility of attending the lessons also remotely, by accessing the virtual classrooms, is guaranteed, with particular attention to the specific needs of students with disabilities and students with specific learning disorders. Lessons will be recorded and will remain available only to enrolled students for at least one week.
Workshops, seminars and extracurricular activities aimed at the university community will be held in person at the University premises.
In agreement with the professor/lecturer concerned, office hours may be held in person or remotely, using the connection tools that allow the best possible interaction between the professor/lecturer and the student.


For the autumn session (from 23 August to 15 October 2021) - a.y. 2020/21
Oral profit exams will take place mainly in distance mode, while written exams will preferably take place in presence, subject to the choices of the competent teaching structures (which will give specific notice).

For the winter session (from 15 November 2021) – a.y. 2020/21 and a.y. 2021/22
Profit exams will take place, unless otherwise decided by the competent authorities, in presence.

The possibility of taking the profit exams remotely will be guaranteed in any case to students who cannot be present at the University due to proven health problems related to the COVID-19 coronavirus and attested by a specific self-certification to be completed in the appropriate portal when registering for the exam.

The scheduling and methods of conducting the examinations will be made available on the iCatt portal and on the iCatt app and will be adequately communicated to students by the relevant teaching structures.

Final examinations

All Degree Commissions (including the proclamation ceremonies for undergraduate degrees) will be convened in person. 
Students about to graduate in possession of the COVID-19 green certificate will be present in the classroom; the possibility of sitting the final examination at a distance will in any case be guaranteed to students who cannot be present at the University due to proven health problems attributable to the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

It should be noted that as regards both exams and final examinations, failure to possess the COVID-19 green certificate (unless due to the above-mentioned proven health problems) does not constitute a valid reason for requesting to take the examination at a distance; in this regard, it should be noted that the green certificate is also issued in the absence of a vaccine, provided that the patient has tested negative to the molecular or antigen test within the last 48 hours, or has recovered from COVID-19.

Notice for international students who do not have a valid “Green Pass” / EU Digital Covid Certificate

As reported in the Rectoral Decree here published, the implementation of decree n° 111 dated 6 August 2021 requires that, as of 1 September 2021, only students with a valid EU Digital Covid Certificate or equivalent for non-EU students if recognized by the Italian Ministry of Health (Green Certificate/ Health pass / Pass sanitaire or equivalent) will be granted access to University buildings and services in Italy. 

The “Green Pass” (or valid equivalent) must confirm at least one of the following conditions:

  • being vaccinated against COVID-19 with one of the EMA-approved vaccines (until further notice by the competent Authorities);
  • a valid negative molecular or antigen test within the last 48 hours;
  • having recovered from COVID-19 within the last 6 months (to be proved by a certificate issued by the competent authority)

Please see the Ministry of Health’s page providing additional details regarding the criteria that need to be met for equipollency with the EU Digital Covid Certificate (Green Pass).

Individuals from Third States who have completed a full cycle of vaccination of one of the EMA approved vaccines but do not have a GREEN PASS or EU equivalent certification can use their own state issued vaccination certifications or proof of recovery as substitute of the green Covid-19 certification (Digital Covid Certificate of the EU) issued by the Italian State upon certain conditions. Students can contact the international office of each campus for more details.

Those students who are not currently vaccinated may inquire about the procedure to register and request an appointment for vaccination in Italy. Do note that such procedure may vary depending on the region. International Offices of respective campuses will share this information with students once clarified and available.

Whereas those students who fall in the category of being fully vaccinated but with a vaccine not currently recognised in Italy may opt to attend class remotely and/or get tested on selected days to access campus and services. The current policy regarding non-recognised vaccines may change in time and any update will be provided as soon as available.

For the contents of these latest regulations and for further details on those summarised here, please refer to the attachments containing the full text of the regulations in force from next 1 September.

Rectoral Decree DR7794 of 30 August 
Ministerial Circular of 7 August
Decree Law of 6 August