Back to university life: transitioning to full-capacity classrooms

The constantly improving health situation means that access to classrooms and services, while maintaining constant attention to health safety needs

In line with recent ministerial indications and considering the attendance figures recorded in the first few weeks of lessons, starting next week (Monday 18 October for the Brescia, Piacenza-Cremona and Rome campuses; Wednesday 20 October for the Milan campuses) the seats available in classrooms will be accessible in full. This is a further step towards a return to normal university life, which in addition to study is made up of meetings, informal exchanges and the habit of face-to-face discussion.

However, some precautions remain valid:

  • Prior booking will still be necessary to access the University's spaces: the relevant procedures will be available as usual on the ICatt app. The steps to be followed remain unchanged (in particular, students will have to confirm their assigned place no later than 48 hours before the date indicated).
  • The conditions for access are: possession of the Green Pass, use of the university ID card or health card for access, use of masks.
  • The recommendation to avoid crowds and maintain the minimum distance remains valid.

As far as teaching is concerned, it is confirmed that lectures - all of which are held in person, at the presence of the Professor/Instructor in the classroom - will be broadcast via live streaming. Recordings of lectures will be available for at least one week.

From 15 November onwards, profit examinations will be held in person, just like degree examinations.

For the use of the library reading rooms and study rooms, the Affluences app will continue to be used for seat reservations.

Finally, with regard to the university canteens, for which health regulations are particularly stringent, the necessary checks are underway to increase the number of places available.

The teaching and non-teaching staff of Università Cattolica wish all students the best of luck in participating fully in the life of the University, in order to continue and complete their intellectual and human training.