Tuition and university fees

Undergraduate, graduate, integrated degree programmes

Studying at Università Cattolica has a cost that varies depending on several factors: the equivalent family income, the equivalent income brackets, the nature of the income and the study programme in which you enrol.

Two criteria have been used to determine costs:

  1. The first, which is valid for most degree programmes, is based on the criterion of equivalent family income: contributions, in this case, vary according to the income bracket.
  2. The second method involves fixed amounts: the instalments are the same for all those enrolled on programmes for which this type of taxation is provided for.

The criterion to be adopted is specified, for each programme, in the regulations for each academic year.

It is important, in all cases, to check the benefits available and any exemptions provided in particular cases.

Specialising Masters

Each Master has a specific cost to be paid in several instalments, which you can find on the 'admission' page of each Master. Fees can be paid by MAV slip, by bank transfer or by credit card (for the Milan, Brescia and Piacenza-Cremona campuses).

A series of scholarships and financial benefits are available to Italian and foreign students who meet specific merit, origin and financial requirements. Enrolled students can also apply, through an agreement with Banca Intesa, for a low-interest loan to cover participation costs. In addition, each individual Specialising Master may award scholarships covering all or part of the tuition and university fees.