By means of this tool Università Cattolica also permits access to some University services and on-line content off-campus.

This mode of access is available for:

  • All Faculty staff;
  • Students (excluding those enrolled on individual programmes);
  • Administrative and Support staff.

Basic prerequisites
Necessary for off-campus access:

  • a computer with one of the following operative systems Windows (Vista/7/8/10), MAC OS X or LINUX
  • an Internet connection
  • one of the following browsers - the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer (the Safari browser cannot currently be used).

Off-campus access can be activated by connecting (only from outside the campuses) to*eng and logging in to the University’s Intranet service with the user’s personal credentials [if not yet registered, the user can obtain personal credentials by completing the registration on the Account Name Activation page]:

  • for teaching staff = user name and password already used for access to the University services such as Intranet/Professor Personal Page and Blackboard;
  • for students = the account name used for accessing iCatt;
  • for the administrative and support staff = the Intranet account.