About us

"In line with the spirit of its founders, the Università Cattolica specifically aims at assuring the presence of committed people in the academic and cultural world who are prepared to address and solve the problems of society and culture, enlightened by the Christian message and Christian moral principles"


Università Cattolica Statute, Article 1

We live our values.

We believe in the person. Because more than professionals, we educate women and men so that everyone can express their full potential.

In freedom of thought. So that the human and professional expertise that we hand over to our students will always be an ally for them and for their future.

In society. Because everything we give to each student becomes a resource for our society. We want it imbued with professionalism but, above all, with humanity and trust.

And above all, we believe in the future with sensible optimism, because constructing tomorrow’s world is a commitment but we make it happen by building it together, collectively cultivating talents.

Because, here, everyone can feel free to express their potential.

Because, here, every path is an individual one, as is the perception of each person.

Because, here everyone is given the chance to try their best.

Because, here, every person counts and is part of a community to be nurtured with care.

Because our history is made by our past but, above all, by today's commitment to shaping a new tomorrow.

We want to provide our students with not only a solid cultural background and indispensable professional skills, but also a robust educational syllabus.

We are known for our well-structured and multidisciplinary educational programme based on intensive study methods, a strong link with the world of work and the professions, along with our international accessibility. Thanks to scientific research, together with our publications and our respected reputation, we are accredited amongst the most prestigious European and global universities.

Our support system of services and subsidies for students and families significantly contributes towards enabling each student to develop and achieve their full potential.

Furthermore, for many years, we have also focused on postgraduate programmes to foster the best possible forms of collaboration with other universities and research centres, successful companies, institutions and local authorities.

Università Cattolica: Learning as Understanding