Graduate Programme Enrolment Guide

Have you already chosen the degree programme you wish to enrol in?
Visit the "Admissions and Enrolment" section on the page of the programme you are interested in to find out the deadlines, requirements and admission procedures. Take your first step towards enrolment!

NOTE: Students with an international qualification are invited to visit and follow the specific procedures dedicated to international candidates.

Here you will find a description of the different steps to complete the enrolment process

Enrolment on degree programmes at the Università Cattolica is done online.
Register on the Enrolment Portal (ITA) and start your journey!

An exception is the degree programmes of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, which follow a dedicated pathway (ITA).

Before opening the application form for a Graduate programme, it is necessary to upload in the Enrolment Portal (ITA) the entire study plan of your undergraduate programme, including any exams not yet taken.
For correct upload, it is necessary to indicate the exact name of each course, the related scientific sector, ECTS, the final grade and the date of completion (if the exam has already been taken).

Through Verification of Requirements you can check whether you are eligible for the degree programme of your interest.
Verification of requirements is an automated procedure that verifies, by evaluating your Undergraduate degree and study plan, whether you meet the requirements of each Admission Procedure.

Once you have checked your requirements, you can start the enrolment process.
Choose the programme you are interested in, open the Application Form and upload the required documents:

  • Photo ID
  • Identity document
  • Tax code
  • Residence permit (if necessary)

Some programmes may require other documents (e.g. language certificates) to be uploaded for admission purposes.

Continue with the next steps without waiting for the evaluation of the documents, which only takes place after the "Place Reservation".

Some programmes are open access, others require an admission test (test or interview) or a ranking. Details of how and when to enrol, the content of the test - if any - and other useful information can be found in the Admission Procedures.

When you are enrolled you can reserve your place.

NOTE: You can reserve a place even if you are still an undergraduate, provided there are still places available and within the deadlines set.

The place is reserved by paying a MAV slip of € 1470 as the first instalment of university fees.
To find out the amount of the instalments following the first one, please refer to the section "Income information".

ATTENTION: you can reserve a place even if you are still an undergraduate, provided there are still places available and within the deadlines set.

If you are an undergraduate student or need to complete curricular integrations, you can pre-enrol.
Pre-enrolment is necessary in order to attend programmes, access university services and register for exams assigned as curricular integration.
The pre-enrolment application is available in the Enrolment Portal (ITA).

The university contribution is divided into five instalments. The first instalment is a fixed amount, while the subsequent instalments vary according to various factors, including the contributory capacity of the family unit to which you belong: for this reason, you must enter the required data in the "Income information" application in the Enrolment Portal.

For more information see the dedicated page "Tuition and fees"

Once you have completed your degree and/or any additional curricular work, you can enrol!

To do so, log in to the Enrolment Portal (ITA) and:

  1. Indicate your Undergraduate degree grade in your 'Profile'.
  2. Download the Application Form, fill it in and sign it
  3. Upload the baptismal certificate, the degree self-certification and exams taken and the enrolment application

You will receive an email notifying you of the outcome of the validation of these documents.

You are now a student of the Università Cattolica. Read the Rector's welcome message

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If you are a student with a disability or SLD, you can book an interview (ITA) with the Services for the Integration of Students with Disabilities or SLD.