New provisions in accordance with the Ministry of Health decree issued on 23 January 2021

The Ministry of Health decree dated 23 January 2021 (commencing from 24 January 2021) has ordered the Lombardy Region to apply the measures referred to in art. 2 of the D.P.C.M. dated 14 January, 2021 (of the so-called ‘orange zone’) which permit the provision of in-class university lessons.

Bearing in mind the above, and pending further fundamental planning strategies for teaching provision in the second semester, the University has authorised the immediate resumption of teaching within the same limits, and with equivalent procedures, established prior to the approval of the DPCM on 14 January, 2021.

Therefore, students enrolled in the first year of undergraduate, graduate and integrated degree programmes will be able to return to in-presence tuition from Monday 25 January. Lectures scheduled at the Milan campus, and in compliance with the reopening of schools nationwide, will commence at 10:00. Lessons for all courses will continue to be delivered in remote mode. All lessons relating to the other years of the courses will continue to be delivered exclusively online in adherence to the academic timetable available on the iCatt portal and app.

All oral and written exams must maintain the social-distancing measures currently in force, strictly in adherence with all pre-agreed criteria and technologies/digital resources. Students sitting final exams for the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes can opt to sit the sessions remotely or in person. In the latter case, the number of attendees permitted to the oral discussion (in any case with a max. of five) and the appropriate organisational procedures will be duly communicated to the students concerned.
The face-to-face and remote discussions can be recorded and, upon request, be made available to the graduating student.

The University is open and all services to students, and users in general, will be guaranteed remotely. In the event of special requests, which must be carried out in person, compliance to the booking procedures described on the website must always be upheld.

For all other purposes please refer to the provisions contained in the notice dated 2 December 2020.