University regulations valid from Wednesday 5 January 2022

Dear Students,

I wish to give you an update on the procedures our University is developing to deal with the escalating pandemic.

I am aware of the urgency of responding, in particular, to your expectations for guidance on how to conduct profit examinations in the forthcoming winter session and on the teaching activities that are about to resume in several courses.

At present, our University is still governed by the rules established by the Rectoral Decree dated 15 October 2021, which in turn transposed governmental indications, with respect to which the Decree Law dated 30 December 2021 did not bring any changes significantly affecting the University's activities. 

However, the increasing prevalence of contagions, a situation with which we are all familiar and about which I will not dwell, confronts us with the need to rethink life within our community as well, in order to ensure both the continuity and seriousness of teaching, and care for the health of all those who attend the University. We must also take into account a series of external factors, such as the restrictions on people's mobility and the impact of the contagions on the operation of many structures and services, which are suffering from operational difficulties due to the lack of staff caused by the high number of people who are positive or under quarantine. Such impact could - when teaching activities resume - also affect our University and we must therefore try to contain it by reducing the opportunities for crowding and transmission of the virus. 

We are therefore updating the way we conduct our teaching activities with a view to reconciling the various requirements mentioned above, and returning to the use of remote communication tools where these can effectively replace personal presence. We had hoped that we would be able to move towards a situation of complete normality in our activities, but prudence requires us to slow down the pace.

With regard to the profit examinations, the written tests will be held (as already indicated in the Rectoral Decree of 15 October 2021) in presence

Oral examinations will instead be conducted remotely, subject to the indications of the individual Faculties, which, in view of their specific characteristics and needs, may provide for alternative forms of conducting the examinations, which they will communicate directly to their students. 

Those who are unable to participate in the tests to be taken in person, for reasons related to COVID-19, may be admitted to take the exam remotely, self-certifying (the methods of self-certification and related checks will be specified in the detailed provisions) the occurrence of one of the following situations:

a) being positive to the Covid-19 virus or being in quarantine;

b) being frail or living with a frail person;

c) encountering obstacles in reaching the University because they come from Italian regions or foreign countries with respect to which there are, by virtue of the provisions in force from time to time, restrictions on movement. Exceptions are not permitted for other reasons (lack of vaccination, work problems, illnesses not related to COVID-19...).

Lectures will be resumed in person and simultaneously streamed, as was the case during the first semester.

The exams related to discussion of dissertation will be held in person, in line with the provisions of art. 4 of the Rectoral decree dated 15 October 2021.

With regard to access to university facilities, ministerial regulations require that the mask be worn everywhere, even outdoors. 

I would also like to remind you that access to lectures and university buildings now requires a green pass, at least in its basic version.

It will be possible to request information and clarifications by writing to the email address:

You are going through an important period in your life under conditions of difficulty and uncertainty. You will come out of it mature and stronger than the generations who have not had to face such an ordeal, but the commitment and determination required of you are great.

I want to assure you that our University will support you in every possible way to enable you to pursue your studies seriously and safely, trusting in your cooperation and sense of responsibility. 

Happy New Year to you all.

Prof. Franco Anelli, Rector

5 January 2022