Provisions effective from 14 April 2021

In accordance with the new Ordinance of the Ministry of Health dated 9 April 2021, the University has resolved that starting from 14 April 2021 in all campuses the lessons relating to courses for students enrolled in all years of the undergraduate, graduate and integrated degree programmes, as well as specialising masters, advanced courses, specialisation schools and doctoral programmes, can be provided, according to the determined criteria and technologies already in place, with dual mode methods (in-person and online), as specified in the academic timetable already arranged by the competent teaching structures (available on iCatt and iCatt app), in compliance with the security measures and in coordination with the Administration Directorates concerned.

In order to streamline access to the University premises, responsible collaboration is required from all members of the academic community.

Please check the iCatt portal and the iCatt app regularly for all essential updates and to ensure the safe management of educational activities based on the individual Faculties’ timetables. 

For the Milan, Brescia, Piacenza and Cremona campuses, it is mandatory to confirm your attendance at lectures at least 48 hours in advance; you can access lectures on days other than your designated dates by means of a reallocation system based on unconfirmed places. Access is controlled, so please ensure to carry your University Student ID card with you.

At the Rome Campus, access to lectures is regulated through the rotation of alphabetical groups of attendance by programme year. Traineeship activities will continue to take place in-person according to the already defined timetable.

The University is still open and all user services will be guaranteed from remote; in exceptional cases that entail physical attendance slots must be booked following the registration procedures provided.

With regards to the oral and written exam sessions, where required, the existing remote modalities are confirmed, in accordance with the determined criteria and technologies already in place.

Lastly, Università Cattolica kindly wishes to remind the entire university community that adherence to the regulations, together with responsible behaviour and effective collaboration is vital in order to combat the spread of infections and to safely guarantee the use of the University’s essential services.

Update: 10 April 2021