Guidelines for conducting teaching activities until the end of the 2022/23 academic year

After three years strongly marked by the course of the pandemic, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has reorganised its teaching activities from a perspective that helps rediscover the elements of coexistence, sharing and concreteness that are characteristic of every educational pathway.
According to the provisions of Rector's Decree no. 9666 of 23 February 2023, lectures will be held in presence until the end of the current academic year, and enrolled students will be able to access online the recording of the lectures themselves (which cannot be downloaded) for a limited period of time, as specified by the individual Faculties.

Profit examinations, oral and written, and final examinations will also normally be held in presence, unless one of the exceptional situations authorising remote oral examinations occurs, namely:

  1. serious health reasons, such as, for example, situations of medium/long-term hospitalisation in hospital facilities or prolonged conditions of illness for which the competent doctor of the student's place of enrolment advises against holding the examination in person
  2. students' difficulties in returning to Italy from countries that have introduced restrictions on outgoing mobility; due to restrictions introduced by our country on incoming mobility; due to the conflict in Ukraine;
  3. students on international mobility programmes (outbound), subject to the favourable opinion of the Dean of the Faculty of reference. Each Faculty, according to its own peculiarities and needs, defines specific internal provisions or procedures to which reference should be made.
    Not applicable to international students currently on exchange at Università Cattolica (inbound).

In all the University campuses, final examinations for undergraduate, graduate and integrated degree programmes and all Degree Commissions (including the proclamation ceremonies for undergraduate degrees) will be convened in person.

The possibility of sitting the final examinations at a distance will be granted to students who are prevented from taking part in the examinations by self-certifying, on receipt of the invitation, the occurrence of one of the exceptional situations listed in points 1 and 2 above.

The above-mentioned provisions are applicable, insofar as they are compatible, to specialising master, postgraduate, specialisation and doctoral degree programmes.

Specific indications are provided for the access of international students, also in relation to the provisions established by the governmental authorities.

The aforementioned measures come into force as of 1 March 2023, and remain valid insofar as they are compatible with current or future regulatory indications and until new provisions are determined.

Thanking the students for their serious and consistent commitment, frequent consultation of the iCatt portal and the iCatt app is recommended.

27 February 2023