New teaching guidelines as of 1 May, 2022

The new Rector's Decree no. 8542, dated 29 April, 2022, implements the updated Italian government guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic. This step marks the next phase towards a new-found normality. A summary of the measures currently in force within the university can be found below.

Preventative measures
The use of masks is strongly recommended in all indoor places, as is the advice to avoid public gatherings and to maintain a reasonable distance between persons. Please always carry your Student ID card for access to all university offices and buildings; you may need to swipe it upon request.
A Green Pass is no longer required for entry.

All university services (including Student Services Centre, Advice and Guidance, Tutoring) and those for study and consultation will be available in person or online. As always, please reserve the service required by following the procedures indicated on the university website. Meetings and interviews can also be held physically or remotely, upon agreement with the relevant Professor/Instructor.

Until the end of the 2021/2022 academic year, all lectures and courses will be held in person with simultaneous live streaming; the recorded lessons will be available to all enrolled students for one week after the live date.
Workshops, seminars and extra-curricular activities will all take place in person.

Exams and dissertation
In all campuses, all oral and written exams will be held in person. The only students permitted to take the exams remotely are those who can self-certify one of the following reasons:

  1. self-isolation following a positive Covid-19 test result;
  2. impossibility in accessing the campus for reasons related to the crisis in Ukraine;
  3. difficulty in accessing the campus for persons residing in Italian regions or foreign countries which are still implementing restriction of movement due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The same criteria apply for the final exams of the undergraduate and graduate degree programmes.
Requests for exceptions for any other reason will not be accepted.

Internships may start/continue in host institutions that can guarantee adequate measures, they can also be organised online. In the event of rescheduling by the host organisation, the relevant Professor/Instructor can make suitable alternative arrangements for the student to gain the required credits. The University itself can also host internships. The “A. Gemelli” Faculty of Medicine and Surgery” study courses will always be guaranteed, in compliance with current government regulations.

Once again, we would like to thank all students for their constant commitment, and we also advise frequent consultation of the iCatt portal and iCatt app. For any clarification, please contact

2 May 2022

Rector’s Decree no. 8542