Lombardy Region Ordinance no. 714

Lombardy Region Ordinance no. 714: all face-to-face lessons at the Lombard campuses are suspended. Distance learning will continue and all Università Cattolica services remain open.

Upon signature of Ordinances no.714 (which in article 1, paragraph 3, refers to the Prime Ministerial Decree dated 14 January, 2021, article 3, paragraph 4, letter g) (i.e., starting from 6 March 2021, pursuant to art. 4 of the Prime Ministerial Decree dated March 2, 2021) –, the President of the Lombardy Region has established for Universities the suspension of all in-presence teaching and curricular activities throughout the region until 14 March 2021.

Consequently, all degree and post-graduate programme on the Milan, Brescia and Cremona campuses will only be taught online and delivered in live streaming, as specified in the academic timetable available on the iCatt portal and iCatt app.

The University is still open and all user services will be guaranteed from remote; in exceptional cases that entail physical attendance slots must be booked following the website procedures.

Professors/Lecturers who need to access the lecture rooms set up to deliver the lessons in streaming may do so upon prior notice to the Campuses Programming Office.

In adherence with the procedures already in place, research work in laboratories, departments and institutes, plus, library services will still be accessible to all students, as well as to graduating students, professors, researchers and doctoral students who can provide adequate reasons for access.

All events and conferences will take place online.

Student reception will continue in line with the social-distancing procedures trialled in the past few months.
With regard to the procedures for carrying out the exams, where required, oral and written, the online modalities currently in force are confirmed, according to the criteria and technologies already identified.

Technical and Administrative staff are requested to work from home in order to limit travel as much as possible, whilst guaranteeing the University’s essential services through in-person controls.
For further details, please constantly check and app iCatt.

Notice: 04 March 2021