New provisions pursuant to the Order of the Ministry of Health dated 27 November 2020

By Rector's decree number 6952 it has been decreed that from 7 December 2020 all university offices will have the possibility to deliver lectures for students enrolled in the first year of undergraduate, graduate and single-cycle programmes that were already scheduled in presence before the DPCM on 3 November, while continuing to be transmitted remotely (dual mode).

Timetables remain those already scheduled for the first semester, while classrooms may be subject to changes, which will in any case be promptly reported on the iCatt portal and app iCatt. All students enrolled in the first year's classes scheduled in attendance will be able, if they wish, to attend them without the constraints arising from the rotation of accesses in force in recent months.

On the other hand, lectures will continue to be provided only remotely, both for non-programmed lectures attended by students enrolled in the first year and for lectures of the years following the first year, according to the timetable available on the iCatt portal and app iCatt.

For oral and written exams, current remote methods are confirmed, according to the criteria and technologies already identified. The final exams for Undergraduate and Graduate programmes may be held remotely or in presence. In the latter case, students will be informed of the number of people admitted to the discussion (in any case, not more than five) and the related organisational procedures. Discussions in presence can be recorded and, upon request, made available to the graduating student.

For all other matters, reference is made to the provisions set out in the notice dated 4 November 2020.