Schools and teachers

Orientation training course

‘Orientarsi per orientare’ (Orient yourself to orient) is the title of the training course dedicated to high school teachers of the various disciplines, guidance counsellors and school headmasters.

The constant and necessary link among school, university, the local area, the world of work and the professions is a decisive factor in successfully accompanying and supporting the student's learning path and orientation in the various phases of their school life and choices for their future.
The success of this delicate process depends to a large extent on the ability of the various players to establish a fruitful relationship with each other, aimed at achieving a common goal: the creation of an environment capable of fostering the growth and maturation of each individual, in all his or her dimensions: intellectual, moral, cultural and physical.
The proposed course stems from the desire to consolidate the dialogue between the school and university worlds and is designed as a path of accompaniment, training and development of skills on cross-cutting issues of great relevance and importance for secondary school teachers of different disciplines, guidance counsellors and school headmasters.

General objectives

  • Education training: guiding and training teachers to accompany and help students in the difficult process of choice
  • Problem setting: getting to know the university, how it has changed and how it is changing, how it relates to its surroundings and what tasks it is called upon to perform.
  • Lifelong educational support: providing teachers with models, materials and tools to help them keep up-to-date through dedicated initiatives.
  • Networking: to create or strengthen networks of relationships and contacts between schools and between schools and the university, in order to have authoritative points of reference and support in everyday teaching work.

The course is part of the training and updating courses for school staff organised by Università Cattolica, a body qualified by MIUR pursuant to Directive no. 170 of 21/03/2016. Participants in the Seminar may therefore benefit from exemption from service obligations. Participation gives rise to the legal and economic effects provided for by the regulations in force (MIUR note no. 2915 of 15/09/2016).