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Support for counsellors

We live in an age of uncertainty, in which the established mechanisms for transition between the different ages of life no longer hold up. The changes that have taken place, are taking place and are  influencing the socio-economic environment and the labour market are demanding new psychosocial adaptations from people in training, which are only partly supported by higher education institutions.

In order to improve educational effectiveness and employability, students leaving high school are required to have renewed resilience skills, which bring with them the ability to cope effectively with changes and demands from the market.

We consider the orientation of young people in the last years of high school to be a process primarily aimed at developing positive self-concept in future study and/or work circumstances, through a triangulation between desires, self-image and resources possessed.

In this perspective, the evaluative dimension of guidance cannot be separated from the more properly formative and educational dimension. It is no longer sufficient to identify mere predictive characteristics of greater or lesser success in education and work, but it is instead necessary to put this knowledge at the service of a new and stronger capacity for planning and self-development.

If the process of choosing which studies to undertake becomes too problematic and uncertain or even leads to anxiety, stress and decision-making blocks, it may be useful to involve specialised psychologists who - also by administering tests and interviews - are able to effectively draw a picture of the students' actual cognitive, social and emotional abilities, as well as any critical points that may create inappropriate and uncomfortable interference. Due to the inevitably wide and varied range of cases to be dealt with, the staff of psychologists at Università Cattolica can be called upon for advice and ad hoc interventions on individuals or groups of classes, according to procedures and timescales to be agreed.

Teachers who are interested in learning more about the opportunities offered by Università Cattolica to support them in their role as counsellors, can contact us at