Faculty of: Medicine And Surgery

Medicine and surgery

ROME-Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 6 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-41 (Medicine)

The integrated programme in Medicine and Surgery provides a total of 360 university credits (ECTS), which spread over six years, of which at least 60 must be acquired in training activities aimed at developing specific professional skills.
The course is organised into 12 semesters and 36 integrated courses to which ECTS are allocated by the Degree Council in accordance with the table of essential learning activities. 
The distribution of the total hourly commitment for each ECTS between teaching and individual study is determined as follows:

  • 1 ECTS lecture: 12.5 hours of lectures + 12.5 hours of individual study
  • 1 ECTS theoretical-practical activities: 12.5 hours of supervised teaching + 12.5 hours of individual study or 20 hours of supervised study within the teaching structure + 5 hours of individual study
  • 1 ECTS practical and assessment training valid for qualification as a medical-surgeon (TPV): 20 hours of supervised teaching + 5 hours of individual study
  • 1 elective credit: 21 hours of frontal teaching + 4 hours of individual study
  • 1 ECTSprofessionalisation activity: 25 hours of frontal teaching
  • 1 ECTS final examination: 23 hours of individual study

The total commitment required of the student is at least 5,507 hours, in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2013/55/EU on basic medical training.
No more than 36 profit tests are scheduled during periods when there is a break in teaching. The successful completion of the profit assessment entitles the student to the corresponding ECTS.
The structure of the integrated courses in the semesters, the relative ECTS, the core profile, the specific educational objectives of each integrated course and the type of profit assessment are determined by the Degree Council and reported in the Degree programme Regulations and the Student Guide.