Faculty of: Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences

Statistical and actuarial sciences


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language English

Degree classes LM-83 (Actuarial, financial and economic statistics)

Coordinator Alberto Floreani talks about the programme


The following competences, knowledge and skills, which are in line with international courses in the field of actuarial sciences (cf. international core syllabus issued by both the Actuarial Association of Europe and the International Actuarial Association), are specific training objectives qualifying the graduate programme in Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, which belongs to the LM-83 class and is taught in English:

  • solid knowledge of statistical methodology and its application aspects in the fields of economics, business administration, finance, demography, social sciences, insurance and social security;
  • in-depth knowledge of mathematical models, and in particular probabilistic models, which are applied in the study of financial phenomena (derivatives and financial markets), actuarial models and those in the field of economics and business sciences;
  • in-depth knowledge of quantitative models in the field of risk management;
  • mastery of the logical-conceptual and methodological tools relevant to the design and execution of investigations for the analysis and assessment of complex systems linked to the economy, production, the market, insurance problems, the environment, with particular reference to the occurrence of damaging events;
  • a corresponding ability to build models to explain and predict the phenomena under study and to establish their applicability and validity through convenient data analysis, and a consequent highly qualified operational ability in the field of quantitative analysis of economic, business, sociodemographic phenomena and financial, social security and insurance problems.