Faculty of: Political And Social Sciences

Social work and services for families, children and local communities


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-87 (Social services and policies)

Coordinator: Fabio Folgheraiter
Tenured teaching staff: Gianpaolo Barbetta, Donatella Bramanti, Elena Cabiati, Valentina Calcaterra, Floriana Cerniglia, Ennio Codini, Francesca Corradini, Marcello D'amico, Fabio Folgheraiter, Paolo Gomarasca, Rosangela Lodigiani, Marta Elena, Claudia Mazzucato, Maria Luisa RaineriRosa Regina RosnatiGiovanni Giulio ValtolinaLaura Zanfrini


The programme is aimed at students who already have a basic social work, sociology, social services, sociology, pedagogy legal or socio-healthcare knowledge, and to social service operators who wish to deepen methodological, technical and relational aspects of social work and social welfare service policies.
The programme is designed to provide skills at two levels:

  • the "field" level: the course prepares to deal with a high degree of autonomy with particularly complex social work functions such as the protection of children in a state of abuse or neglect, or the development and coordination of projects for the social regeneration of local neighbourhoods or communities;
  • the management level: the course provides the basis for management or coordination (middle management) in public or third sector structures, services, organisations with programming responsibilities for social service policies at EU, national, regional and local level.

In the first year of the programme particular attention is given to the heterogeneous nature of the classroom. Considering the different background knowledge, in the theoretical course of Theory and Methodology of Social Work, there is a pathway dedicated to graduates in Social Work (track B) and one for graduates in all other degree classes (track A). In order to ensure close contact with the world of the professions, this graduate programme has set up a Technical Committee with representatives from institutions and organisations active in the social services sector.