Faculty of: Education

Sciences of education and training processes


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-19 (Education and training)

The programme has a single curriculum, which can be customised by the student. It is possible, depending on one's
aptitudes and interests, to orient one's study profile in relation to different specific fields:

  • spersonal services;
  • childhood education;
  • adult education.

Each student, apart from the specific field he/she chooses to study, will have the possibility to acquire in a curricular form the credits that constitute the specific profile for educators of educational services for children required by the Legislative Decree 65 of 13 April 2017.
The profile includes laboratory training activities to promote planning and operational skills in the educational field, as well as to acquire language and IT skills.

In order to obtain the degree, 180 credits (ECTS) are required: normally about 60 credit per year are acquired by means of assessment tests for both courses and supplementary teaching activities (exercises, laboratories, etc.).
Each course is given a certain number of credits (ECTS), the same for all students, and a grade (expressed in a mark out of 30) which varies according to the level of preparation. The final examination mark is expressed in a mark out of one hundred and ten.

Acquisition of credits (ECTS) for access to the profession of childcare educator. Ministerial Decree 378/2018 claims that the educator of educational services for children must have a degree related to the
class L-19 Sciences of Education and Training Processes with a training profile that meets the minimum requirements of at least 55 ECTS achieved with training activities (teachings, laboratories, internships) related to certain disciplinary areas and with specific content related to childhood issues (0-3 years).
The study plan for our Faculty's degree programme in Sciences of Education and Training Processes allows each student to acquire, over the course of three years, the 55 ECTS required by ministerial provisions, irrespective of the specific form that he/she intends to give to his/her study plan, provided that he/she respects certain indications regarding the choice of optional subjects. The forthcoming Faculty Guide will provide all the necessary
information in this regard.