Faculty of: Mathematical, Physical And Natural Sciences



Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-35 (Mathematics)

Profile in Mathematics

A graduate in mathematics, thanks to the knowledge and method learned during his studies, can relatively easily enter the world of work: this profile is in fact required in many wide fields.
In particular,a degree in Mathematics gives you the opportunity to enter:

  • the industrial sector, as a researcher or market analyst;
  • financial and insurance companies, as a systems engineer, analyst, operator in the field of applied modelling;
  • training courses dedicated to the training of professors/lecturers for middle and high schools;
  • universities and national and international research institutes.

Profile in Physics

The profile in Physics of the programme in Mathematics, with its wealth of experimental skills, is closely related to the world of work, especially for all sectors dealing with high-level technological development. A graduate in this field will have the opportunity to enter the world of work in areas such as:

  • electronics, optics, information technology, mechanics, etc.
  • telecommunications and control of satellite systems
  • quantitative finance
  • modelling of physical processes and industrial applications environment

You can also choose to follow the path of international or national research, both in universities and in the most qualified institutes, or take the path of teaching, becoming a lecturer, or even headmaster of middle or high schools.

Profile in Computer Science

Thanks to interdisciplinary knowledge and specific skills in the fields of information technologies, the profile in Computer Science of the programme in Mathematics makes it easy to enter the world of work.
In particular, this profile gives the opportunity to work in various sectors with different roles:

  • in the IT sector, as a developer of complex applications and Internet/Cloud services;
  • in the tertiary sector, as a researcher, systems engineer and analyst of scientific, financial and commercial data;
  • in the field of Data Science, as an analyst specialised in knowledge extraction;
  • from large volumes of data (Big Data);
  • within universities and research institutes.