Faculty of: Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences

Financial markets and institutions


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-18 (Business administration)

The programme consists of two profiles, which allow, already from the undergraduate programme, to move towards thedesired professional profile:
Curriculum Economics of Markets and Financial Intermediaries, which is further divided into three profiles:

  • Economics of markets and financial intermediaries (general profile), Economics of markets and financial intermediaries (profile under agreement) and Financial and Insurance Advisor;
  • Curriculum Quantitative methods for finance and insurance;
  • Curriculum Finance profile.

The School has set up the Faculty-World of work Board to strengthen the link with companies and supervisory authorities. Composed of leading exponents of the national financial community (Managing Directors and Personnel Directors), the Board aims to: share with economic operators the strategic guidelines to be followed in the formulation of the educational plans of the Study Programmes, in order to maintain an
academic offer in line with the expectations of the professional world; improve the planning and management of the School’s internship activities; identify new initiatives and profitable ways of collaborating with the operational reality, in order to allow the constant improvement of the training process and help students to enter the world of work.

Credits (etcs)
In order to obtain un undergraduate degree, 180 university credits (ECTS) must be acquired. Credits are acquired, to the extent of about 60 each year, by taking assessment tests both for the various courses and for other training activities. Each exam is attributed a certain number of credits, the same for all students, and a grade (expressed in a grade out of 30) which varies according to the level of preparation.
The final examination grade is expressed in a grade out of one hundred and ten.