Faculty of: Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences

Financial markets and institutions


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-18 (Business administration)

The programme in a nutshell

Gaining insight into financial phenomena

The programme is developed with an approach that combines the economic area (business and politics) with the study of the foundations of law and statistical science. From the second year onwards, it is possible to choose between two profiles: ‘Economics of businesses and markets' and 'Quantitative Methods for Finance and Insurance'.

Teaching methodology

All lectures are integrated with simulations, projects and group work, role-playing experiences. Meetings with experts from the financial world are also planned to help test oneself and find the right path.

What next? The beginning of a journey into the world of finance

Through their first experiences in internships or traineeships, graduates will be able to enter the national and international financial community with awareness. With multiple possibilities: financial or insurance consultants, managers in banking institutions, financial analysts, financialadvisor in a law firm.


Choosing the degree programme in Economics of Markets and Financial Intermediaries means taking a cutting-edge training course among those in the field of economics and business management. Developments and insights concerning both financial phenomena in general and the management of financial intermediaries (i.e. banks, insurance companies, other intermediaries) are inserted into a solid basis of skills in business economics, political economy, quantitative methods and legal preparation. The structure of the degree programme makes it possible to create, already while studying, a very close relationship with the world of work: there are numerous opportunities to meet and exchange views with leading figures from the world of supervisory authorities, banks and insurance companies. Internships will allow you - after graduation - to acquire the skills and awareness to profitably enter the national and international financial community. The programme is developed through frontal lectures, but also through meetings with experts who will share with you their experiences in the financial world, simulations with the help of computer and telematic technologies, the study of the English language and a second foreign language. An innovative method of preparation and evaluation that also includes case discussions, projects, problem set and role playing experiences.

Within the undergraduate degree programme in Financial markets and institutions, there is a course in Finance