Faculty of: Economics And Law

Business administration


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-18 (Business administration)


The Double Degree Programme aims to develop skills and competences in the following areas: business administration, economics, law, mathematics and statistics, IT and foreign languages.

The Programme of Study includes two internships in a company or a national or international body. Students will develop a project or carry out business check-ups, in order to foster their contact with the international market.
They will learn how to read international business phenomena influencing company choices, to analyze and evaluate internationalisation strategies, to investigate outcomes and company competitors, and to better understand the cross-cultural integration process of companies operating in a global scenario.

The teaching programme is benchmarked to top national and international standards and offers a wide range of opportunities. The international identity of this degree course is enriched by multinational study groups that help students to adapt to different teaching methods and improve their language skills and socio-cultural flexibility.
Activities include practical exercises, case studies and simulations, as well as lectures held by entrepreneurs, integrating traditional theoretical classes with educational activities to develop the knowledge, skills and competences necessary in the labour market.

Students are supported by tutors during their university careers.

The Double Degree Programme is run by the Faculty of Economics and Law, and the academic staff includes professors, lecturers and assistants:

  • prof. Laura Zoni, Director of the Double Degree Programme
  • prof. Emanuele Vendramini
  • prof. Carlotta D’Este
  • prof. Roberta Virtuani
  • prof. Marco Angelo Marinoni
  • prof. Paolo Rizzi
  • prof. Marcela Ciubotaru
  • prof. Silvia Platoni
  • prof. Wendy Farrar
  • prof. Maurizio Baussola
  • prof. Daniele Cerrato
  • prof. Enrico Fabrizi
  • prof. Sergio Venturini
  • prof. Barbara Barabaschi
  • prof. Maria Chiara Tallacchini

The Faculty is strongly international, and runs exchanges with visiting professors from all over the world.

Students enrolled on the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the School of Economics and Law, Università Cattolica – Piacenza, course in International Management, can take part in the selection for the Double Degree Programme.
The Programme is certified by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation – located in Bonn, Germany – which certifies the quality of university programmes in German-speaking countries. In addition to traditional subjects in the fields of economics, business administration, law and mathematics, the Programme includes:

  1. a second foreign language (besides English)
  2. a compulsory internship during the 2nd year of study
  3. a further internship in the host country, working in a big national or multinational company business administration, economics, law, mathematics and statistics

The Study Programme of the bachelor’s degree in Business Economics – course in International Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore – Piacenza, may vary according to the year of enrollment:

  1. First year
    courses in Piacenza
  2. Second year
    courses in Piacenza and internship in Italy
  3. Third year
    courses at a partner university and internship abroad.
    Double Degree Outgoing students take the exams of the 3rd year Programme of Study at one of the Partner Universities.These exams are recognised by UCSC at the end of the third year of study.
  4. Fourth year
    courses at a partner university
  1. First year
    courses at a partner university
  2. Second year
    courses at a partner university
  3. Third year
    courses in Piacenza
  4. Fourth year
    courses in Piacenza and internship in Italy