The courses

Theology courses are a peculiarity of Università Cattolica; they aim to offer a motivated, reasoned and organic knowledge of the contents of Revelation and Christian life, so as to obtain a more complete education for students in the light of the Catholic faith.
The curricular study plan of undergraduate degree programmes provide for students enrolled at Università Cattolica to attend three semester courses in Theology.
For graduate degree programmes, a six-month course is proposed on a subject related to the curriculum attended.

Students can choose their Theology professor/lecturer through UC-POINT or their personal I-Catt page, within the deadline set by a communication published on the personal I-Catt page. Students who do not register within this deadline will be automatically assigned a professor/lecturer.
Only one professor/lecturer change is possible, within one month from the beginning of the lessons.

Theology Courses Secretariat:
tel. 02.7234.2238