Our Philosophy

Equal Opportunities constitute the possibility of expressing and affirming the equal dignity of all persons while respecting their differentiating uniqueness. The theme of equal opportunities includes, for example, the issue of gender, generational, socio-economic, ethnic, religious differences, etc., without forgetting people who may experience forms of hardship due to various types of disabilities. It is also important to introduce the concept of Intersectionality, referring to situations in which there is an intertwining of potentially fragile conditions.

Therefore, being equal does not mean denying differences, but enhancing them.

The programme

The method that the University proposes to adopt to ensure equality consists of creating connections, fostering the relationship and synergy between the parties, avoiding dispersion.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore increasingly wants to be a place of exchange and generative dialogue, a privileged space for thinking about the complexity and richness of the human experience, with the aim of finding points of encounter and enhancing what already exists. For this reason, the University has initiated a process and rationalisation and optimisation of UCSC actions in the field of Equal Opportunities, creating a Task Force of all components - academic, administrative and student - that are involved in different capacities on this issue. In fact, the Equal Opportunities Committee, the GEP Team, the GEP Unit, and the University Strategic Plan table dedicated to EO are active.

The task force
  • Dr Marzia Benelli
  • Dr Maria Bisceglia
  • Prof Stefania Boccia
  • Dr Sara Giulia Calderone
  • Prof Aldo Carera
  • Dr Lorenzo Maria Cecchi
  • Prof Chiara Continisio
  • Dr Manuela Costa
  • Prof Giovanni D'Angelo
  • Prof Luigi D'Alonzo
  • Dr Daniela Florio
  • Dr Valentina Fraschetti
  • Dr Mario Gatti
  • Dr Emanuela Gazzotti
  • Dr Luca Giorgi
  • Ms Eugenia Gorini
  • Prof Raffaella Iafrate
  • Dr Ilaria Iannaccone
  • Dr Angelo Manfredini
  • Prof Claudia Manzi
  • Ms Giuseppina Mariani
  • Prof Elena Marta
  • Dr Matteo Monteverdi
  • Prof Emanuela Mora
  • Prof Antonella Occhino
  • Dr Antonella Olivari
  • Dr Ilenia Pagani
  • Dr Giovanni Panzeri
  • Prof Vania Patrone
  • Dr Eleonora Reverberi
  • Prof Elena Riva
  • Dr Pietro Rossi
  • Dr Maria Rossignoli
  • Dr Silvia Saleri
  • Prof Domenico Simeone 
  • Ms Veronica Trimarchi
  • Dr Alessandro Zaccuri