Faculty of: Arts And Philosophy

Tourism sciences and territory development


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-15 (Tourism)

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore promotes the international experience of our students through a network of collaborations and agreements with foreign universities and numerous study programmes (Erasmus, Overseas, ISEP, Study Abroad, IMACS, LaTE Language Training Experience, International internships, International Volunteering, Summer Programs etc.)

Students interested in undertaking a period of university study abroad can contact:

  1. A professor from the International Mobility Commission of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, the contact person for the programme in which the student is enrolled, to define the study plan and validate the document approving the examinations that the student will take abroad, and which will subsequently be recognised for graduation purposes at UCSC;
  2. a Faculty supervisor that supports international mobility: Miriam Rita Tessera (, who assists the student with the practical aspects of international mobility;
  3.  the UCSC International office, for organisational aspects related to the study period abroad (

The following professors, points of reference for the study programmes, compose the International Mobility Commission of the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy:

The reference professors provide guidance in the choice of the foreign university and evaluate the Program Plan. It lists the exams that the student will take abroad and which will subsequently be recognised for graduation purposes at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

All exams to sit abroad must be agreed upon with the reference professors before departure, and in any case it is not possible to request the inclusion in the study plan, as substitute to electives, of exams sat abroad and not agreed upon in advance with the reference professors.

The UCSC International office handles agreements with universities abroad and assists students in organising their study period abroad.
On their return to Italy, students must submit the documents attesting to the examinations taken abroad via the Program Plan platform.
Professors appointed by the Faculty to recognise foreign examinations will convert the marks obtained in examinations abroad into thirtieths, on the basis of the official conversion tables published on the Faculty website.
Finally, the Faculty Council decides on the approval of these conversions and the assignment of the corresponding ECTS to students.

Please refer to the information available on the university website, in the International Experience area for each study programme.

International experiences

Semester abroad

Semester Abroad programmes are open to all students at Università Cattolica and allow students to spend a semester of their academic career abroad at a partner university. Examinations taken abroad can be recognised within the UC curriculum. Students are selected on the basis of academic merit and language skills.

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Summer programmes and language courses

With the Summer Programmes you can spend a period of 2 to 8 weeks abroad during the summer at one of our globally ranked partner universities and select exams for which you can apply for recognition of CFU on your return.
With the Language Abroad Programme, you can travel throughout the academic year and improve one or more foreign languages.

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Internships and dissertations abroad

An internship abroad during your university career is certainly an important advantage for entry into the world of work. UC offers its students and recent graduates different types of courses depending on the Faculty they belong to.
To support your thesis work, Università Cattolica offers scholarships for a period of study abroad to give your research an international slant.

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The opportunity to carry out international volunteer work in different areas and countries.

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Virtual programmes

In order to guarantee the possibility to carry out international programmes in full safety, in case some of them cannot be attended in presence due to the international context of the destination countries, they can be organized for remote attendance.

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