Faculty of: Arts And Philosophy

Tourism sciences and territory development


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-15 (Tourism)

The degree programme in Tourism Sciences and Territory Development, which belongs to the L-15 Class, Tourism Sciences, aims to train professionals specialised in the development, management and development of the tourism sector in its various forms, and in particular in the cultural one, with the aim of ensuring the sustainable management and the sustainable, responsible and innovative use of the Italian cultural and territorial heritage.

Students with this preparation can find their place both in private companies of various sizes and different territorial scales (such as, for example, tour operators, accommodation and leisure facilities, e-commerce companies dedicated to the travel sector) and in public and private bodies (Regions, Provinces, Destination Management Organisations, Local Action Groups).

The undergraduate programme, although it has professional characteristics, thanks to its pragmatic character and is oriented to the professional development obtained with internships also abroad, prepares for the in-depth profiles of the graduate degree programmes in Design and Management of Tourism Systems (LM 49) and in Information and Publishing Systems (LM 19).

To this end, the training provided by the degree programme is based on certain areas of knowledge which - when considered in an integrated manner - provide future professionals with the keys to interpreting and managing the dynamics of a complex economic sector such as tourism:

  • the areas of linguistic knowledge;
  • the areas of legal and economic knowledge;
  • the areas of territorial, sociological and communication knowledge.