Faculty of: Political And Social Sciences



Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-40 (Sociology)

The programme in a nutshell

Investigating society, studying its evolution

Major social issues, addressed through an approach that combines theoretical study with practical research, are at the heart of this programme. In addition to sociological disciplines, the programme includes subjects related to economic-statistical, legal-political, historical-geographical, psycho-pedagogical and demo-ethno-anthropological disciplines.

Teaching methodology

Workshops, practical sessions and group work are valuable opportunities to complement the theoretical training. Social research carried out in the field, and that linked to the two specific profiles (security or human resources management) provide key competences for entry into the world of work.

What next? Getting to know the problems of social groups

A degree in Sociology provides the tools with which to address the problems that individuals and organisations encounter in different contexts of everyday life. Graduates will be able to work in a wide range of fields: recruitment and human resources area, management of security systems, market research, services and innovation in the world of work.


This degree programme has two main features. On the one hand, it provides a broad theoretical and cultural education, aimed at building the conceptual basis for understanding the major emerging social issues and the complexity of the contemporary human condition.
On the other hand, it provides a solid technical-practical training aimed at the management of groups, organisations and processes of associated life in specific sectors of the world of work: crime, security, work and business, also by learning techniques for the construction and analysis of relevant information in those fields. Throughout the course, students enrich their preparation through a variety of workshop activities to ensure that they acquire the necessary skills:

  • the ability to use the basic techniques of social research, also with reference to specific fields of application;
  • the ability to use the basic tools for the analysis and management of organisational processes, also with reference to specific fields of application;
  • specific knowledge and skills with reference to the fields of application of technical systems, human resources management, analysis and management of security problems.