Faculty of: Political And Social Sciences

Sciences for social work


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-39 (Social Work)


  • The course provides multidisciplinary training on three levels: theoretical courses (sociology, psychology, law, history, medicine, economics) to understand situations of need and/or social risk;
  • courses in methodology and techniques specific to the social work;
  • practical experiences of helping relationship management, led by experienced social workers, spread over the three years through:
    a) an introductory placement (in the first year) accompanied by an orientation workshop for the future profession;
    b) a professional internship within social services (in the second year);
    c) an internship in innovative contexts that may constitute new areas of work;§
    d) a personal training course;
    e) seminars and experiential workshops with social workers, service managers and user-experts, i.e. people with direct experience of social distress.


In order to obtain the undergraduate programme, 180 credits (ECTS) are required, which must be acquired during the threeyear period by passing the assessment test for the courses and other supplementary teaching experiences. Each examination, taken in different ways depending on the type of course, is awarded a certain number of credits, the same for all students, and a grade (expressed in thirtieths) which varies according to
the level of preparation.
The final assessment is expressed in hundredths.