Faculty of: Political And Social Sciences

Sciences for social work


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-39 (Social Work)

The programme in a nutshell

The social worker: solid skills and strong motivation

The professionalism of the social worker requires interdisciplinary training: a broad knowledge base in psychology, law, ethics and organisation is essential. The opportunity to meet 'experienced users and family members' for first-hand accounts is another highlight of the programme.

Teaching methodology

The direct participation of students, alongside theoretical courses related to social service methods and techniques, is foreseen on several occasions: an introductory internship in the first year, a professional traineeship in the second year, an internship in the final year, seminars and workshops spread over the three years of the programme.

What next? A competent figure in situations of social distress

A social worker can work within a public body or a non-profit organisation or can be a freelancer. The programme’s focus on motivation will help to manage situations of fragility related to poverty, child abuse, family conflicts or addictions.


The degree programme in Sciences for Social Work prepares graduates for the profession of social worker by enabling them to enter the State Examination for registration in the Register of Social Workers. The training is interdisciplinary, as future professionals will have to deal with complex human, ethical, legal and organisational situations. As this is a course with a high level of personal involvement, special attention is paid to the orientation and motivational support of the students. The profession of a social worker requires a constant integration of theoretical knowledge and methodological and technical-practical skills, and therefore special attention is given to internships, workshops, professionalising teaching activities, seminars and guided exercises. The direct participation of 'experienced users and family members' in the training of future social workers is an excellence of our degree programme in line with international trends.