Faculty of: Political And Social Sciences

Public policies


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-63 (Public administration)

CoordinatorFrancesco Calderoni (PoliSi Curriculum), Gianpaolo Barbetta (MOST Curriculum)
Tenured teaching staff: Ilaria Beretta, Barbara BoschettiFloriana Cerniglia, Ennio CodiniSerena Favarin, Laura Maria FerriLuca Lionello, Rosangela Lodigiani, Martino MazzoleniGuido Stefano MerzoniLuca PesentiGiulia Rivellini, Luca Stella, Simone Tosoni,Teodora Uberti, Barbara Vettori


The programme aims to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to understand, design, develop, monitor and evaluate policies and interventions (implemented by both public and private actors) in different sectors of social and economic life. The training activities aim to train both transversal skills (which include disciplines such as economics, law, political science, sociology, statistics) and skills related to specific policies depending on the profile chosen by the student. The programme is structured in a common part and a specific part, according to two different profiles: (i) Models and Tools for Welfare Management and Sustainable Development (MOST); (ii) Security Policies (PoliSi). To ensure close contact with the professional world, both profiles have set up technical committees with exponents of institutions, organisations and companies active in their respective fields.