Faculty of: Medicine And Surgery


VITERBO-Casa di cura Villa Immacolata

Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L/SNT2 (Health professions for rehabilitation)

The ageing of the population, with the consequent increase in the need for health care, the widespread practice of sports disciplines, the recognised effectiveness of physiotherapy in the preventive, curative and rehabilitative field of various clinical areas (ortho-traumatology, neurology, cardiology, oncology, respiratory physiopathology, etc.), in the different phases of the pathologies and in all age groups, from birth to geriatric age, determine a considerable occupational opportunity for graduates in this discipline. The employment rate of physiotherapy graduates is 95% within the first year of their undergraduate degree.
Graduates in Physiotherapy can work in hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient clinics for specialist and sports medicine, rehabilitation centres, and care facilities for the disabled in various age groups, and can also work as freelancers.