Faculty Medicine And Surgery



Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 5 years

Language Italian

Degree Classes LM-13. (Pharmacy and industrial pharmacy)

Semester abroad

Semester programmes abroad are available to all Università Cattolica students. These programmes allow students to spend a semester of study at a partner institution abroad while earning credits towards their degree. Students are selected for the programmes based on academic merit and language knowledge. They can opt to do a semester abroad by way of a number of different programmes: UCSC Exchange, ISEP Exchange, and Study Abroad.

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Language courses

With the LaTE (Language Training Experience) programme students can spend time abroad to improve a foreign language at any point during the academic year. Knowledge of English and other languages is an essential requirement when applying for international study programmes or when travelling. Depending on their needs, students can select which language they want to improve (whether English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, German or Arabic), the type and level of course, the length of the programme and where they wish to study.

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An internship undertaken abroad while at university will be of great benefit when it comes to entering the job market upon graduation. UCSC offers its students and recent graduates different options:



The International Volunteering Programme allows students to take part in cooperation, development and support projects within a number of companies or organisations in South America, Africa and Asia, amongst which are those that focus on childcare & orphanage assistance, community development, environmental conservation projects, health education, women's development, special education, teaching, sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation, youth sports coaching.

Scholarships are available to support activities carried out abroad; Università Cattolica students and recent graduates from all faculties can apply for this opportunity.

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Summer Programmes

Summer programmes are designed for those students who already have a good command of the English language and who wish to study abroad for a period between two weeks and three months during the summer. Students take one or two courses with exams which may be counted as credits towards their degree.

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