Faculty Medicine And Surgery



Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 5 years

Language Italian

Degree Classes LM-13. (Pharmacy and industrial pharmacy)

Degree qualifying for the profession of Pharmacist


The degree programme in Pharmacy offers a high standard of education across the various subject areas.

The the basic skill courses cover the fields of physics, chemistry and biology, without neglecting the biotechnological, pharmacological, chemical and technical fields related to pharmaceuticals.

The innovative character of the degree course in Pharmacy at Università Cattolica is represented by the strong focus on Care Service Pharmacy. This course originates from the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and offers a tangible opportunity to approach an in-depth study of new drugs and medical and diagnostic devices that can be evaluated in clinical practice.

The possibility of interaction with the medical and health professionals working at the Fondazione Policlinico Gemelli-IRCCS, including the hospital pharmacy, will be a strong added value of this training course. The presence of the degree programme in Economics and Management of Services, Health Care Management profile, guarantees the possibility of acquiring managerial knowledge and skills that are indispensable for pharmacists in all areas.

As part of the training programme, lectures are combined with laboratory teaching, through which the students can apply the knowledge they have learnt and test their preparation, as well as prepare for entry into the world of work. Various curricular, training and orientation activities are also offered for comparison with real working situations.

Courses, class schedules and exams

Candidates with international qualifications

If you are a candidate with an international qualification or titles awarded by University Institutes of ecclesiastical Studies approved by the Holy See, follow the procedures provided for the programme by the  International Admissions Office