Faculty of: Arts And Philosophy



Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-10 (Humanities)

Profile Classical Literature

Through balanced choices within the options allowed by the curriculum, it is possible for students with an interest in the ancient world to build a complete and well-rounded classical profile, which allows them to corroborate their linguistic skills in Greek and Latin, lay a solid foundation in the literary, historical and archaeological fields and orient themselves among the many disciplines related to the ancient world, starting to identify lines of interest that can be profitably explored later.

Profile Publishing, Communication and Entertainment

Among the competence profiles that the student will have the opportunity to outline by constructing his or her study plan, the one in Publishing, Communication and Entertainment allows, thanks to targeted options among the characterising, related and supplementary disciplines and the free-choice courses, to acquire a specific preparation in the fields of publishing, journalism, media, cinema, theatre and entertainment, grafting it onto a humanistic education alone.
Students wishing to continue their studies after graduation, in addition to the graduate degree in Modern Philology, which is the natural outlet for all Humanities graduates, will also find other avenues open to them: from first-level professional graduate programmes in one of the areas specified above, to master’s degrees in the corresponding fields.

Profile Philological-Literary

The Philological-Literary profile allows a wide choice of disciplines and highly personalised study plans. The basic knowledge acquired during the programme can be put to use in many activities in which a broad competence in the humanities is required, starting with teaching. The wide offer of courses, however, makes it possible to plan coherent choices that respond both to the cultural orientation of the student and to the specific preparation for choices other than teaching.
The philological-literary profile is also the natural route towards the graduate degree programme in Modern Philology and opens up to further professional opportunities it offers, including scientific research.

Profile Historical, Artistic and Archaeological

The Historical, Artistic and Archaeology profile enables the student to develop, on a solid literary and historical basis, skills in the field of cultural heritage with in-depth study of the archaeological cultures of antiquity and the Middle Ages and the methodologies for approaching these topics.
The profile allows professional opportunities in the field of protection and development of the archaeological and historical-artistic heritage, the possibility to access the graduate degree programme in Modern Philology, aimed at teaching, or other specific courses of study of second level.