Faculty of: Political And Social Sciences

European and international policies


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-52 (International relations)


The graduate degree programme in European and International Policies aims to provide adequate cognitive tools, in a world undergoing rapid change, to understand the plurality of political, economic, institutional and social phenomena that characterise the international system and which are characterised by an increasing systemic complexity. This objective requires a distinctly multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach in which economic, legal, political, psychosociological and historical disciplines find their place. On the one hand, the graduate programme consolidates the typical nature of the classic training programme in Political Sciences and International Relations, from which it takes up the founding characteristics and strengths; on the other hand, it represents a useful complement to other undergraduate programmes focused on more circumscribed aspects of the international reality (economic, linguistic, historical-cultural dimensions).