Faculty of: Economics, Medicine And Surgery

Economics and mangement of services


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-18 (Business administration)

What is an internship?

The curricular internship with university credits (ECTS) is a didactic-professional training experience carried out within a company context with defined and agreed training objectives. The internship is therefore a key to accessing the world of work, enabling students to test the knowledge they have learnt in the field.

About the internship

The internship represents a key to accessing the world of work, allowing you to experiment "in the field" the notions you have learnt, and assess your real motivation with respect to a professional role. It is an opportunity for professional and personal growth to complete and improve your study curriculum, complementing the classroom and individual study process.
It is, therefore, a period of experimentation that allows you to verify the connection between the knowledge acquired in the university and its application within individual organisations.
Università Cattolica has understood the value of this tool, including it in most of its study programmes and awarding credits for the degree.
The details of credit awarding methods and the number of credits attached to internships vary according to the provisions of the individual Faculties and Degree Programmes.

References coordinator and internship supervisor

The reference professor for internships is Prof. Susanna Di Martino
Office n° 556, 3rd floor, Palazzo Corsi di Economia
Faculty of Economics, Rome Campus
Reception preferably by appointment
Tel +39 06 3015 8716 -

Internship details

The Faculty of Economics, within the degree programme, provides the possibility, without obligation, of activating a curricular internship. 8 ECTS are allocated for this activity (minimum duration 220 hours).

Internships and Placements - Rome:

Tel. 06 30154480 - Fax 06 35510243
In particular, for extra-curricular traineeships and internships please consult the Internships and Placements office web pages with information on services for students and graduates, also using the portal and the JOBIRI digital consultant (CV info, interview tips, etc.).