The steering committee


The Steering Committee of the Board of Directors for 2022-2025 is composed as follows:

Rector Prof. Franco ANELLI

Members elected by the Board of Directors from among its members and appointed by the moral authority Istituto Giuseppe Toniolo di studi superiori:

  • Avv. Alessandro AZZI
  • Dr. Giuseppe FONTANA
  • Ms. Barbara JATTA
  • Prof. Gennaro NUZZO
  • Prof. Eugenia SCABINI     

Members elected to the Board of Directors by full professors and associate professors among the full professors at the University:

  • Prof. Marco Ercole ORIANI
  • Prof.ssa Ketty PERIS
  • Prof. Francesco TIMPANO    

The General Manager, who acts as Secretary of the Body, attends the meetings of the Steering Committee.