Governance and Bodies of the University

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is vested with all administrative powers of governance of the university and comprises eighteen members.


The steering committee

The Steering Committee is a collegiate body within the Board of Directors and pursuant to the University Statute, it has specific functions (excluding responsibilities of the Board of Directors); others may be carried out as a preliminary investigation, or delegated by the highest Management Body.


Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is made up of the Deans of the faculties and is chaired by the Rector and is the decision-making body for teaching and scientific issues of overall interest to the university and deliberates on matters concerning the regulations, planning and coordination of teaching and research activities.


Council of Directors

The University Council has been established to encourage the widest possible participation of members of the Academic Community in the delineation of guidelines and general decisions concerning Università Cattolica.

The Council of Directors provides evaluation and recommendations with the goals of improving the organisational and development guidelines of Università Cattolica and guaranteeing better management and functioning of the University. Upon the Rector’s request, it expresses opinions on any other general question relevant to the Academic Community.


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee of Università Cattolica is composed of three full members and two substitute members chosen from registered auditors.

The President and the members of the Audit committee are appointed by the Rector, following the decision of the Board of Directors, and serve for a term of four years.