Faculty of: Linguistic Sciences And Foreign Literatures

The art and industry of narration: from literature to cinema and tv


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language English

Degree classes LM-37 (Modern American and European languages and literature)

Graduates in Archaeology and History of Art will be able to:

  • work in institutions in charge of the protection, conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage, with particular reference to the archaeological and historical-artistic fields (Superintendencies and other peripheral offices of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Museums, cultural offices of local authorities and other public and private institutions);
  • manage bodies and centres for the study, research and conservation of the archaeological and historical-artistic heritage at Public bodies and institutions (subject to compliance with the provisions of the law) and private bodies;
  • carry out management and specialist consultancy work for sectors of the cultural industry (publishing, event organisation, communication);
  • carry out activities in the field of teaching, subject to the fulfilment of the legal requirements for obtaining a teaching qualification;
  • work in a managerial capacity in the field of private enterprise, active in the protection and use of cultural assets.

In addition to the above, this programme prepares for the professions of:

  • Curators, conservators and directors of museums and archaeological sites and excavations;
  • Organisers of conferences, exhibitions and events;
  • Art Critics.