Faculty of: Education

Sciences of education and training processes


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-19 (Education and training)

The profile allows for the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to the education and training of the person, in line with the provisions of paragraphs 594-601 of Law 205/17 and Decree-Law. 65 of 13 April 2017.

During the degree programme you can choose examinations, laboratories and internship experiences aimed at improving your education in one of the areas specific to this degree programme, depending on the field in which you wish to work as a professional, from childcare to adult education. It is a profile suitable for those who want to put themselves in the game, acquiring wide-ranging knowledge and putting passion and motivation into play: elements that allow, once graduated, to pursue careers as professionals, consultants and self-employed workers.