Faculty of: Psychology

Psychological sciences


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language English

Degree classes L-24 (Psychology)

The programme in a nutshell

Right 'at the heart of the sciences that study man'

The proposal of Father Gemelli, founder of the University, was that psychology should be understood as a “plural” science, i.e. interested in studying the functioning of the mind in different contexts and at different stages of life. The approach is multidisciplinary, with a two-year period focusing on basic knowledge (psychology, biology, humanities) and a third year more related to the professional fields of reference.

Teaching methodology

In addition to theoretical lectures, field experience is provided already during the three-year undergraduate programme through workshops, group work, internships and guided practical experience (in the third year).

What next? Preparation for valuable psychological support

At the end of their three-year programme, students will already have access to a section of the Psychologists' Register, subject to passing the State Examination. Section A, on the other hand, can only be entered after obtaining a graduate degree.


Studying Psychological Sciences and Techniques at Università Cattolica means choosing to have a rich and versatile approach to the specific disciplines of this course of study. As Father Gemelli argued, psychology is ‘at the heart of the sciences that study men’, which is why a fundamental part of training is a solid and broad cultural base. In addition to this, field experience gained already during the undergraduate degree programme is provided by the numerous experiential activities in small groups, which enable the development of research skills and transversal professional competences.