Faculty of: Education

Primary teacher education


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 5 years

Language Italian

Degree Classes LM-85 bis (Education)


Workshops are an integral and indispensable part of the curriculum of the Integrated Degree Programme in Primary Education. They provide students with the opportunity to analyse, design and simulate the subject matter of the courses to which they ideally relate.
Workshop attendance is compulsory and is subject to timely verification, e.g. by roll call and collection of signatures of those present.
Absence is tolerated up to a maximum of 25% of the required hourly commitment. If the tolerance limit is exceeded, the workshop itself must be attended from scratch, as the hours previously attended are not taken into account.
Each workshop has several editions: if available, the student chooses the one he/she wishes to attend when registering.
Regular attendance at the Workshop is a necessary condition for admission to the profit exam for the course to which it relates.


Internships offer students an invaluable chance to access the world of work in order to experience and apply the concepts learned in university and to evaluate their real motivation when stepping into a professional role.

An internship represents an opportunity for professional and personal growth and enhances the student’s study curriculum as it is integrative to individual study and the university learning process.

They can be seen as a moment of experimentation, a way to try out a particular career which enables students to see the connection between knowledge acquired at university and how it is applied in a particular organisation.

Since the University understands how important internships are, they are now included in most of its academic programmes as credit-bearing activities.

The number of credits and how they are assigned varies according to the regulations of the individual Faculties and Degree programmes.