Faculty of: Mathematical, Physical And Natural Sciences



Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-17 (Physics)

The Graduate programme in Physics aims to train graduates with advanced skills in experimental and/or theoretical physics, with the possibility of successfully bringing a modern, up-to-date, international technical and scientific background, ready to meet the new challenges in the field of research and innovation, into high-tech companies, as well as into the world of research and teaching.

At the end of their studies, graduates in physics will have acquired:

  • a solid cultural background in classical and quantum physics and a perfect command of the scientific method of investigation;
  • a thorough knowledge of the relevant measuring instruments, data analysis techniques, mathematical and computer support tools;
  • an adequate knowledge of the English language, both in written and oral form, with specific reference to technical/scientific language;
  • the ability to work with a large degree of autonomy, assuming responsibility for projects and structures;
  • the intellectual curiosity to tackle both complex, multidisciplinary problems and the challenges associated with technological change;
  • the ability to use the specific knowledge acquired to model complex systems in the fields of applied sciences and, more in general, to solve technological problems in a flexible and open manner.