Faculty of: Law

Legal services


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-14 (Legal services)

The programme in a nutshell

An undergraduate programme to develop a legal culture

The traditional legal disciplines (constitutional and private law) and the historical-philosophical approach form the basis, but students can enrich their curriculum by choosing one of the four proposed paths: Legal Assistant (Judicial Assistant and "Paralegal"); Expert in Legal Sciences for Public Administration; Labour and Labour Relations Consultant; Privacy Officer.

Teaching methodology

The predominantly theoretical teachings are essential to ensure a specific legal preparation. Meetings with professionals and lawyers organised by the Faculty are valuable supplementary activities.

What next? A legal profile in the public or private sector

With a degree in Legal Services, students can apply the skills acquired in the programme both within a company in the private sector (administration, contracting, human resources management, assistance for law firms or notaries) and in the public sector (judicial officers and assistants, public security personnel), and, after an apprenticeship and passing the qualifying examination, within the profession of employment consultant.

The undergraduate programme in Legal Services prepares you for activities and jobs in administrations, companies and public and private bodies, which require specific legal training. The main training objective of the course is in fact to provide adequate competence in the legal area and to ensure the acquisition of tools useful to know and understand legal texts. Students may decide to move on to an Integrated degree programme in Law (class LMG 01), in accordance with the study plans provided for this, even before the completion of the undergraduate degree programme.