Faculty Agriculture, Food And Environmental Sciences

Food production management


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language English

Degree Classes L-26 (Food Sciences)

First of its kind in Italy

Food production management is the first undergraduate programme of this kind in Italy, entirely focused on agri-food sustainability and its economic and environmental components.

The English Undergraduate Degree in Food Production Management is the first undergraduate programme of this kind in Italy, entirely focused on the supply chains of dairy, cured meats, viticulture, cereals and horticultural produce. Specifically, the competences acquired can be applied to:

  • the production, quality and sanitation in ‘made in Italy” husbandry;
  • the transformation and conservation techniques of plant and animal products;
  • food safety and legislation;
  • the impact on environmental sustainability;
  • aspects relating to the economic valorisation of agri-food products, with particular emphasis on those of Italian tradition and to the management of the enterprises.

As of September 2017, a new undergraduate degree programme entitled Food Production Management (SAFE) delivered entirely in English is offered. This new degree programme is aimed at students who want to learn innovative principles and techniques for producing high quality, healthy and sustainable food from the field to the table. In particular, case studies representing ‘flagships’ of ‘Made in Italy’ will be discussed.
The decision to use only English in the various teaching activities is aimed at foreign students interested in learning more about the “Italian model” of vertical coordination in the agri-food supply chain and at Italian students interested in giving their education a strong international characterisation, starting with their undergraduate degree.