Faculty of: Economics And Law, Agriculture, Food And Environmental Sciences

Food marketing and sales management


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-77 (Management)

The Food Marketing and Sales Strategies programme is activated in collaboration between the Faculty of Economics and Law and the Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences.

The degree programme has been structured in such a way as to meet the training requirements ofboth general/interdisciplinary and technical/specialist nature. The integration of economic, business, legal and agri-food contents make it an innovative programme both in terms of didactic formulation and in terms of the relevant professional opportunities for graduates.

The programme in Food Marketing and Sales Strategies has been conceived in reason of:

  • the existence in the labour market of a strong need for professional profiles with marketing and sales management skills, as it is well documented by research and information sources concerning the dynamics of labour demand and supply;
  • the increasingly relevant role of sales management and market policy analysis and management in marketing processes;
  • the presence in the campus of Università Cattolica of Piacenza of recognised and distinctive research and teaching competences both in the field of marketing and commerce (Faculty of Economics and Law) and in the agri-food sector (Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences). The research centre REM Lab (Research Centre for Retailing and Trade Marketing at Università Cattolica) supports the teaching activities. This centre carries out extensive marketing research in cooperation with leading national and multinational companies operating in our country, aiming to transfer the results of research into the content of teaching courses;
  • a continuous and constructive dialogue with the 'social partners' and with important Italian and multinational companies from which it emerged that this programme has an innovative educational value and  is consistent with the professional needs expressed by the production and business world (marketing manager, product manager, sales manager, buyer, category manager, store manager, etc.).