Faculty of: Economics, Arts And Philosophy

Economics and management of art, culture and entertainment


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-18 (Business administration)

Course structure
Throughout the entire undergraduate programme, economic and legal disciplines are combined with humanities studies, with a special focus, as always, on languages: English in the first year and a second language to be chosen from French, Spanish and German in the third year.

In order to obtain an undergraduate degree, 180 university credits (ECTS) are required, 60 of which are generally acquired each year by passing assessment tests in relation to both the subjects taught and those covered by other forms of supplementary teaching activities. Each course is given a certain number of credits (ECTS), the same for all students, and a grade (expressed in a mark out of 30) which varies according to the level of preparation. The final examination mark is expressed in a mark out of one hundred and ten.