Faculty of: Arts And Philosophy

Archaeology and history of art


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree Classes LM-2 (Archaeology) - LM-89 (Art history)

The programme is based on theoretical teaching with a high degree of specialised content, guided theoretical-practical activities and the development of the students' autonomous skills, which are directed towards individual research.


The following competences, knowledge and skills are specific training objectives:

  • l achieving scientific, theoretical, methodological and operational skills in the field of classical and medieval archaeology and medieval, modern and contemporary history of art, which also allow access to doctorates and specialisation schools;
  • l being able to manage, in a position of responsibility, public and private institutes, supervisory bodies, public offices and foundations responsible for the conservation, cataloguing, enhancement and management of archaeological and artistic heritage;
  • l possessing advanced methodological skills for the purposes of archaeological and artistic-historical research and critical exegesis in the various areas and chronological sectors relating to the development of artefacts and the arts (architecture, painting, sculpture, applied arts from ancient to contemporary times).

The normal duration of the graduate programme is a further two years after the undergraduate programme.