Faculty of: Mathematical, Physical And Natural Sciences, Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences

Applied data science for banking and finance


Academic Year 2024/2025

Duration 2 years

Language English

Degree classes LM-91 (Methods and techniques for the information society)


In order to set up an internship, the student must contact the relevant supervisor in good time (for contact details and office hours, see: "Internship supervisor contacts"). It may be the student him/herself who proposes an internship activity.

The Faculty invites students to consult the ST&P portal (, which is the web tool for contacts between interested companies and students or recent graduates from all the campuses of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. Students will be able to carry out a targeted online search for profiles corresponding to specific recruiting needs and respond to advertisements, preparing their own motivational letter and curriculum vitae accordingly.

What is an internship?

A curricular internship with ECTS, also in the form of a traineeship, is an educational and professional training experience carried out in a working context (school, company, laboratory) with defined and agreed training objectives. The internship is therefore a key to accessing the world of work, enabling students to test the notions they have learnt in the field.

Internship details

The duration of an internship is normally 150 hours.
The internship is compulsory and may also be carried out abroad (Internship).
See for further information: Course details - international experience - Internship.

  1. The Internship requires compulsory attendance and can be "approved" if the student: has attended the required hours;
  2. has obtained a positive evaluation from the company supervisor;
  3. has submitted an adequate final report on the internship.

The credits accrued (6 ECTS) will be registered as "Internship".
Study plan code: MG1512 Internship.

Internship activation procedure

The organisation is chosen on the basis of a proposal made by the student, after ascertaining its congruity with the training objectives established by the Faculty.

Before starting the internship, the student must explain to the Internship Supervisor the timing, methods, contents and tasks envisaged. Once confirmation has been received from the Supervisor, it will be possible to start the activation procedure by asking the company to fill in the training project on the portal

Work experience

If the student carries out work experiences that are relevant to the training course undertaken, the Faculty may recognise them as equivalent to internship activities.  This experience must have been carried out during the period of university studies, must not have been subject to previous requests for recognition and must not have been carried out in the employment of parents or a relative.

Recognition procedure

The student must submit the following documents to the work experience supervisor:
a) written report by the student on the experience
b) a letter on company letterhead (signed by the owner) indicating the duration of the work experience and the tasks carried out.

The credits gained (6 ECTS) will be registered as "Internship".

Reference teacher for Internship

Prof. Enrico Barbierato

Internship supervisor contacts

Dott.ssa Manuela Esposito
Reception: by appointment only.